One of the Most Savage Rants About Online Dating I Have Ever Seen

I ran across this as a repost from a subreddit that I normally don’t read and thought it was brilliant. It doesn’t pull any punches, it’s not nice, but I will also say that there’s nothing in it that rings false. What this guy is describing is the experience a lot of men have with

Empathy and the Sex Robot Customer Who Vows Never to Date Again

This is what I think of as a pretty typical sex robot story you see in a British newspaper, but there was an interesting angle that I didn’t think they discussed enough: In her book, Sex Robots & Vegan Meat, author Jenny Kleeman delves into the world of men purchasing silicone girlfriends. The documentary-maker, who

They Called Her a ‘Doormat’ For Wanting to Be a Housewife

This is fairly typical, but it also brings up a larger point: A woman who dreams of being a housewife sparked a heated debate after she shared her desire to be ‘looked after’ by a man. Posting anonymously on Mumsnet, the British woman explained that being a housewife in a marriage with a dominant man would